About Us

Suvannabhumi Head High Gallery

The Suvannahbhumi VR Gallery opened in September 2021 in Chiangmai, in the middle of the turbulent heart of the city.

Well known artist from Myanmar and young emerging asian artists will be presented with quarterly Art exhibitions.

With the permanent help and support of amazing Thai Artist Narongyot Thongyu, the gallery owner, the place (a former Massage Salon) becomes a very special location for all art lovers around.

Gallery Owner and Artistic Advisor

Narongyot Thongyu (Big)
Narongyot Thongyu is a contemporary Thai artist, who is often sitting in a
small corner of the Gallery, with a calm mind to enjoy his creativity. He has
been working together with Mar Mar in her former Suvannabhumi Art Gallery,
since the little boy“ was an art student. He is building up the new art space
with his suggestions and fresh and unconventional ideas.