Narongyot Thongyu (BIG)


Narongyot Thongyu is a contemporary Thai artist. He often uses the scraped objects found at the seashore to compile into a series of works including drawing, painting and sculptural object. His interests in the dialogical aspect of object. Each work implicitly reveals his quests of the social power relations between goods, human and nature and the prevailing ideologies in the spaces of production. His work expands the possibility of material, tapping the tactile and human dimensions within an object and its history. Fictional and yet realistic, his tactile artwork investigates the transpersonal and societal concerns through the agency of materiality. Narongyot's solo exhibition, Take My Breath Away at New Zero Art Space, Yangon (2019), Shipwreck (Flotsam & Jetsam) at Suvannabhumi Art Gallery, Chiang Mai (2019), A Child's World in the Days of Adults at People’s Gallery BACC, Bangkok (2018), group exhibition All Time High at Gallery Ver, Bangkok (2018), Bangkok Art Biennale (2020).